• If you have multiple email accounts (including Yahoo Mail), but if you prefer to use it, you can easily auto-forward a copy of your incoming email messages from an email account to the email account that you prefer to use more. Below we have provided step-by-step instructions on how to enable your Yahoo Mail account.

    Yahoo Mail Auto-forward Feature Disabled

    Steps to Activate Auto-Forward Feature in Yahoo Mail

    1.) Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and move your mouse to the Gear icon located. A drop-down menu will appear.

    2.) From the drop-down menu, click on the Settings option. A Settings window will open.

    3.) Under Settings window, click on the Accounts option.

    4.) Scroll down and click on the Forward option.

    5.) Enter the email address to which you wish to forward the incoming emails.

    6.) Next, you will see two options on the screen


    If  Yahoo users facing  problem with  your Manage Email Viewing Settings on Yahoo .


    ·          Store and forward

    ·          Store and forward and mark as read

    If you select Store and forward option, the incoming email will be stored on your Yahoo Mail account and will be forwarded to another email address. You will see a notification for it. HOWEVER, in box you select Store and forward and mark as read option, the incoming email Will Be Stored is your Yahoo Mail account and will be forwarded to also Reviews Reviews another email account with " marked as read " notification. You can select any option as per your preference.

    7.) Click on the Verify button. Yahoo will send a verification email to the email address entered by you.

    8.) Open the verification email and follow the instructions given on it.

    9.) Once verified, get back to your Yahoo mail account and click on the Save button.

    10.) Send a test email to check if the auto-forwarding function in your Yahoo Mail is working correctly or not.


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